Natural Organic Dry Shampoo

Our Shelterbaby Coat Routine Powder is a unique formula that addresses common issues like allergies, hotspots, and skin irritation without harsh chemicals.

Prebiotics: Help keep the good bacteria on a dog's skin healthy. This means there are fewer bad bacteria, which can stop skin infections and irritation.

Antioxidant: Promotes vibrant coat and healthy skin, helps protect skin cells from damage caused by environmental factors like UV rays and pollution.

Probiotics: Promote a balanced microbiota for lasting skin health and help decrease skin odor.

Natural Oils: Keep fleas and ticks away and makes your dog's coat smell nice.



Did you know that overwashing your dog can negatively affect their health?

Frequent grooming can strip essential oils from a pet's skin and coat, affecting their health, and the process can be stressful for pets due to the handling and grooming tool noises.

Use our Canine Coat Care Powder to decrease the necessity for wet grooming sessions. Keep your floors dry and your dog's dignity intact!

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Will it suit all dog breeds? Yes! It's designed with a one-size-soothes-all philosophy.

Can it improve current skin conditions? Absolutely, while even working to prevent new ones.

How often do you use it? Once a week to improve skin and coat; as often as needed in the areas of allergy, skin irritations, cuts, or hot spots.

Is it safe for sensitive skin? Absolutely—our formula is gentle and soothing.

Is it all natural? Yes it's all natural, organic, cruelty free, and vet approved.